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     Letting go of summer was hard. The glorious, warm days we had in October made saying good-bye even more difficult. Despite the mild temperatures the birds have kept to their scheduals, the migrants moving south and winter residents fattening up to endure the colder months ahead. Hummingbirds and Orioles have winged their way to South America, an amazing journey considering the many man-made obsticals along the way. Their return next spring though expected is increasingly a matter of our hope and their luck.
     In November we should all feel lucky. It’s a time for reflecting on what we have and to give thanks. Their was a time when our connection to nature and the changing seasons was much more direct. We would have celebrated a bountiful harvest, the end of summers long hard work, and taken comfort in the stores put up for winter. November is still a time to reflect on the gifts of nature and on the gifts of man. We continue to gather at this time of year to share and to honor the spirit of both family and community. We are thankful that though our world becomes more complex, our social, political, economic and environmental issues increasingly critical, we continue to find comfort in friends and family. The sense of belonging, of being nutured by ones faith or community helps hold us together. While most of us are no longer directly dependent on the land for our survival, nature continues to play an important role in our humanity.

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